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Our Mission

Why we do what we do?

Count to 2, in that time humans just destroyed an entire football field of forest.

80,000 acres are destroyed everyday.

80% of the worlds forests are already destroyed.

Overachieverz.com was created to help spread awareness and save the place we call home!

WE PLANT 1 TREE FOR EVERY ITEM SOLD! You aren't saving just a tree, together we could save a whole dang forest.

We believe in giving back to the earth.

We want to fight pollution and make the world a cleaner place for us all.

We believe that planting trees is great for fighting air pollution as well as preserving the environment.

We hope to spread awareness about land, air, and sea pollution and use our brand to help make a difference.

How we do it?

We have partnered with Tree-nation.com to help us plant 1 tree for every item sold. They are a great organization with a goal and vision that aligns with ours.

So far, achieved results:

8 374 748 Trees planted

1 133 181 969 CO2 compensated

7 613 Hectares reforested

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